Mild Beer Cheese

This is the classic. If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying beer cheese before (bless your heart!), this is a great introduction to our family tradition. If you have and you’re a lover of the classics, this one is for you.

The Scoop

Olivia’s Mild Beer Cheese is pleasingly smooth, with a creamy texture and the perfect flavor balance of key ingredients. It’s true, beer cheese just isn’t beer cheese without a bit of heat, but our mild offers the best flavors with a pleasant kick. Beer Cheese 101.

Hot Beer Cheese

Oh, you’re ready to step it up a notch? Well, come on then. Call it a crowd pleaser, call it spicy, call it award-winning, but don’t call the fire house. This is a respectable heat, thank you very much.

The Scoop

Heat the way heat was intended: just enough to enhance the flavors and creamy texture. Don’t be intimidated by the kick, it’s an approachable heat. It’ll leave you wanting more.

{Olivia’s Hot Beer Cheese took top honors (First place, we’re so proud!) at the 2010 Beer Cheese Festival Amateur Division.}

Bourbon Beer Cheese

We respect beer cheese and the time-honored tradition of it’s origins, but we thought maybe just a little bit of bourbon couldn’t hurt. And what a hit!

The Scoop

Olivia’s Bourbon Beer Cheese features slightly tamed heat, richer, deeper flavor with a touch of maltiness and other hints of our Bluegrass state’s signature spirit, bourbon: a taste of vanilla, a dash of woody sweetness, a hint of caramel. Two delicious Kentucky traditions married to one another. A match made in heaven.

And while we may have to keep the brand of bourbon a family secret, trust us, it’s a quality selection chosen for its excellent flavor profile. We’d drink it straight up.

Rye Whiskey Beer Cheese

Our Rye Whiskey beer cheese is what we like to call our dark horse flavor, especially for bourbon-loving Kentuckians.  Rye? Sacrilege! Well, not so fast.

The Scoop

Give it a try and you’ll find a bold intensity of flavor as the key ingredients are enhanced by the boldness of the rye. Olivia’s Rye Whiskey Beer Cheese offers full flavor from the first taste and finishes with well-rounded flavors and just a hint of heat. You’ll be pleasantly surpryesed.

Smoke Beer Cheese

Who doesn’t love a nice smoky flavor? Smoked ribs, smoked chicken, smoked bacon…smoky notes add a richness and depth of flavor and this one stands alone as a hearty cheese flavor anyone could love. Don’t be fooled, this smokehouse flavor has subtleties even the most seasoned connoisseur could flip for.

The Scoop

The intensity of heat in Olivia’s Smoke Beer Cheese hovers just between hot and mild with special flavors and spices to round it out. It’s everything you never knew beer cheese could be. It’s smokin’.

Seasonal Beer Cheese

We’ve always been inspired by craft brewers who can take the unique flavors of a season or inspiration and surprise us with beers that are complex and refined. And we love that kind of delicious innovation. Olivia’s Seasonal Beer Cheese offerings are crafted with our customers in mind, and each one means a new and, we think, mouthwatering result. The art of flavor, without pretension. 

The Scoop

Serving up: IPA
Crafted on: July 18, 2024
Made with: HOPSTATIC CH.10 IPA from West Sixth Brewing in Lexington, KY
Beer description: A big, bitter, assertive hop character with fruity resiny notes and a bready malt body
Please Enjoy By: January 18, 2025

West Sixth Blend

One of Lexington’s craft brewing community, West Sixth just sums up everything we love about our hometown and beer. Committed to the community, to sustainability and to great products, they continually create new and experimental brews that keep everyone coming back for more.

They have quite a loyal following, so we were absolutely thrilled that they were willing to introduce us to their friends. There’s no better compliment in our mind, and they have truly been enthusiastic supporters.

The Scoop

We couldn’t pass up a chance to make a craft beer cheese blend of our own in partnership with them, featuring their much-lauded West Sixth IPA. A crafty beer, a sharp cheese, quite intuitive.